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What could POSSIBLY be in the TINY BACKPACK?!

cat nip dime bag and a list of people to kill

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A girl that I went to middle school with (who I’m to this day still pretty good friends with) has been missing since Saturday morning. 

I’m starting to really panic. I was on the phone with her super early Saturday morning (2-3 AM) and she ended up quickly saying bye and told me she’d text me. I stayed up for about another hour or so waiting for a text and I never received one. So I just figured she was tired and her phone was dying or something.

But once I woke up and saw the Silver Alert I started to panic.

I’m sorry, I’m usually not one to share stuff like this but her parents are looking for her and they’re worried and scared to death just as much as I currently am. Cops, friends, family and her parents have been going to door to door all over the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island area. 

Please spread the word. This is a Silver Alert meaning the missing person has some kind of mental or developmental disability, or requires medication. It is usually applied only to seniors but there have been exceptions. 

And I’m not too sure of how many people on here are from my area, but please if any of you have any information on her please please please do not hesitate to call 911 or Motville Police Department (Connecticut) at 1-860-896-3200 

This is her life and absolutely nobody knows if she’s safe or not. 

Please this is serious

She’s only 15, bring her home.

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*flirting* so what fruit do you have in your town

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